Sunday, December 04, 2005

Welcome to Fr Robert Hart

I would like to introduce Fr Robert Hart, who joins me as a co-host of and contributor to The Continuum. Many of you will know him from his thoughtful and stimulating commentary on other blogs.

Fr Robert, a Contributing Editor of Touchstone, a Journal of Mere Christianity, was ordained as a priest in the old Anglican Rite Synod of the Americas (at the time a part of the Phillippine Independent Catholic Church).

For several years, he was vicar of Saint Andrew's Church in Easton, Maryland. This year, he was received as a priest into the Anglican Province of Christ the King under Bishop Frederick Morrison in the Diocese of the Southwestern States. He lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona, and is vicar of the Church of the Atonement.( )

Speaking about himself, he says: "I was a cradle Episcopalian, baptized in 1958 and confirmed in 1971. But, during the mid-seventies, I was a Charismatic Evangelical. This was during my youth. It was in 1980 that I began to turn back to my Catholic beliefs, due mainly to the influence of Dr. Aristeides Papadakis. At the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, he taught Church History to all three of the Hart Brothers one at at time, (Fr. Addison Hart, Dr. David Bentley Hart and myself). Eventually, I left the Episcopal Church."

Fr Robert is married, with four children.

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