Wednesday, February 17, 2021


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Friday, February 05, 2021

To my fellow American Pro-life people

Unless you have been on the frontlines, outside of abortion mills, trying to save women from doing themselves great spiritual harm, and trying to save the lives of the innocent children in their wombs, facing the police, being “fingered” and jeered, and threatened and insulted for obeying your conscience, I am not impressed by your voting record. I will stack up my record of pro-life activism, with the saving of real lives (some of whom are as old as thirty-two at the time of this writing) against the claims of anybody to be pro-life. Were the demands of your conscience easily satisfied by supporting a political candidate based solely on words alone? Well, I have put myself out there.

I am tired of people defending all of Trump’s evils based on only one issue. I have been on the frontlines, sometimes able to save lives. For decades I have been active in pro-life work. I know this: When women are deciding whether or not to have an abortion there are many factors that can influence them in either direction. Who sits in the Oval Office is not among those factors.


The only real way to prevent abortions is to provide things, such as moral guidance to the young, moral support for pregnant women, material support from our pockets, etc. Those who want it to be a political and legislative issue are simply trying to put a hypocritical band-aid on their basic indifference to the poor, and to asylum seekers, and to foreign victims of our Military Industrial Complex. They are lost in Chicken-Little “Conservation” because they are irrationally afraid of losing some precious privilege that makes them feel safe. Such are not the kind who actually have done what I have done: Save lives on the frontlines out of love for Jesus and for my neighbor.

If the Republicans are actually pro-life, then answer me this: Why, when they had all the power, between 2001 and 2006, and again in 2017 and 2018, did they not even attempt to bring pro-life legislation to the floor for a vote? Why did they not even propose to end, or to even merely reduce, funding to Planned Parenthood? In 2015 they passed the elimination of funding to Planned Parenthood in both houses. That was when they could count on President Obama to veto it. Later, throughout the twenty-four months of power in Trump’s first term, why did they never, having the same majority that passed it before, even propose it again? 

The answer is obvious to anyone with even as little as half a brain: If they proposed it at that time, with the majority they had, and brought it to the floor for a vote, they would have won in both houses of Congress. President Trump would have had to sign the legislation. They would have won, and all your years, as a dedicated Republican voter, expecting pro-life legislation from those folks we put in Congress every two and six years, respectively, would have paid off. But, our continued support, with money and votes, could no longer be taken for granted. 

So, I do not want to hear any more crap, especially after the failed Epiphany Putsch, from anybody, that any of us owed some loyalty to the Republicans in November, or that not to vote for them was a “mortal sin,” or that Donald Trump, of all the unworthy perverted sinners out there (a pal of Jefferey Epstein) was the only morally acceptable choice demanded by God of Christians. After Trump’s attempt to overthrow the Rule of Law, via the Constitution, with the reciprocal protection of democracy, which would have resulted in the loss of all of our liberties as Americans, how can any of you fail to see the evil of the man? Why did even the violence and evil of what happened at the Capitol on January 6 fail to awake you from your slumber? 

Whatever it is that blinds you to the truth, it is not anything pro-life.