Fr. Hart Essays on Classic Anglicanism

It was suggested sometime ago that I catalog some of my articles that defend classic Anglicanism. Probably, someone more skilled in computer uses could have done this in an easier or better way. This page will be given a link that will be placed on the right side of the blog. From time to time links will be added.

Who is Christ?

Three Assumptions


A tale of two eras

Bulverism and Infallibility

Pax Anglicana

Two rights don't make a wrong

The Work of Unconfusing

Unconfusing, Part II

Lancelot Andrewes on Holy Communion and Theosis

Eucharistic Sacrifice in Anglicanism


Just what is the Book of Common Prayer?

Non-Anglican difficulties

Non-Anglican Difficulties, Part II

No checks and balances here (first "Hooker" post)

Right Reason (Second "Hooker post")

Of polity and Essence (a "Hooker post")

Revelation and imagination

Richard Hooker on the Communion of Christ's Body and Blood

Hooker's Eucharistic theology revisited

The words of Institution, receiving and Real Presence

Defining the terms

Putting the "P"back in "Anglican"

What means this word "Catholic?"

The Grace of the Sacraments

Hooker on Unity with Rome

Reasserters and relative orthodoxy (Neo-Orths)

A full, perfect and sufficient sacrifice, oblation and satisfaction

The "T" word

Honor thy fathers

A Matter of Emphasis

Eating and Drinking Salvation

Councils Scripture and Catholic Faith

Anglican and unashamed

About Articles XXVII and XXIX

Hooker on the Incarnation, Salvation and the Sacraments
Follow up

Holy Communion

Soteriology in Anglican Liturgy

Grace and Sacraments part iv w/ links

Roaming Romeward

E.J. Bicknell on Anglican orders

Pastoral Priesthood

Priesthood and the Church

Concerning the theory of Doctrinal Development

Why I Bother

Distinctive Anglican Theology

What is the Catholic Church?

Defining the Terms

A 450 year-old experiment indeed!

St. Vincent of Lerins

Response to Fr. Hunwicke

Reply to the "Anglican"(?) Use Society

Atonement and Theosis

Apostolic Succession and Scripture

Q & A on Apostolic Succession

C.S. Lewis and Roman Catholicism

Tongues and interpretation of tongues (or the Past is a foreign country)

Bicknell on Development of Doctrine

Lessons from the Proto-Council of Jerusalem

A worn-out "gotcha"

More Catholic than the Pope

Transubstantiation and the "black rubric"

What is Receptionism?

What do we mean by Real Presence?

The ultimate transubstantiation

The terrible burden

Valid and invalid Confirmation

Via Media refined


Preaching, why we do it Part I

Preaching, why we do it Part II

Prayer of Humble Access defended

The Dutch Touch

Not entirely daft

About the question of Peter

Pro and Con testantism

Sydney "Anglicans"-the other innovation

An Apologetic Response to Rome's constitution

Two heads are better than one

The Odd Couple

Now for my next magic trick