Friday, December 23, 2005

Welcome to Ed Pacht

I want to welcome Ed Pacht, who officially joins us today as our latest contributing editor.

Ed (who uses the name "Poetreader') is a layreader at Trinity Anglican Church, Rochester, New Hampshire, in the Anglican Church of America.

Now 64 years old, he was born and baptized in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. He was confirmed at Church of the Advent in Boston in 1965, and was an active Episcopalian until 1978.

He spent the next quarter-century as a pastor, first in a Pentecostal denomination, and then at Grace Community Church (an independent Evangelical body across the road from Trinity).

During these years he married, subsequently losing his precious Dorothy to cancer. He was received at Trinity in 2002, and was for a time a postulant for Holy Orders. That did not work out, but he continues as an active layreader, taking responsibility for the Daily Office at Trinity.

Ed is a self-published poet, continues as lay chaplain at a small home for the elderly where he has ministered for 15 years and continues an informal study of theology.

Until recently, he been involved with an Evangelical ministry to those wrestling with various kinds of sexual brokenness, including homosexuality, but found it necessary for various reasons to withdraw.

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