Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Holy Family

January 28, 2002. I’m doing my laundry at Signal Street Laundromat in Rochester. A young couple (so young) comes in to do theirs, with their one-month-old son. The three and the obvious bonds of love among them completely captivated me. Before I left I had to write and leave a copy with them.

And so ...

The boy so new, so promise filled,
tenderly held by adoring Mom,
cradled again in Dad’s strong arm,
and loved.

So young the two, so strong that love,
as three march on in a troubled world,
and destiny calls to a life ahead,
and one small son can change a world.

Was it like that, Lord, when You came,
when You were held in her soft arms,
when his protection shadowed You,
and the promise
lay before You?

Was it?
It was

Ed Pacht


Warwickensis said...

Ed, this poem makes me think not just of the Holy Family but has repercussions of the hypostatic union, and the dynamic between the persons of the Trinity.

Albion Land said...

Welcome, Warwickensis. I had been hoping you might drop in. Do visit us more often.

Warwickensis said...

Thank you Albion.

It's nice to feel wanted! :-)

I shall dip in as often as I can.

God bless.