Saturday, December 24, 2005

En Arche

I have to rerun this poem as a separate post, because Ed appended it to another, and it might not have been read. It should be read. And I thank the Poetreader for honoring us with what is the first poem ever composed on the The Continuum. (I apologise if I got the line breaks wrong; it came in all jumbled, and I broke where it made sense to me).

At that time, at the old time,
At the time before there was a time,
Then the Word that is was spoken,
And, spoken, spoke the worlds to be,
And when the later, fuller time was come,
He came,

And, within the made, the Maker walked,
And, walking, spoke the word that was His Name,
and, in His Name, and in His Blood poured out,
The Word that spake spoke our salvation,
And in that Word we live and breathe,
And, breathing, praise forever

(Written today in this space. A truly blessed Christ-Mass to all.) ed pacht


Albion Land said...


Just to make my point clear: I ran this poem as a separate post because it is one of the most beautiful poems I have read.

Ironically, one of my dinner guests tonight pulled off my bookshelf a copy of a book I have on John Donne, and have never read. According to him, it is a great loss that I do not know Donne. I have 10 more days off from work, and mean to do some serious reading.

poetreader said...

You got the line breaks right. I would have put in slashes, but it appeared as I intended it to when I read the comments section. Apparently not every program reads this blog the same. If I do it again I'll put slashes in.

Anyhow, thanks for your kind words. I read that magnificent Christmas sermon and the poem just fell upon me.

And read Donne, by all means. You will be glad.