Monday, December 12, 2005

How very nice

The following appeared on the Prydain blog. I hope we can all live up to the initial praise.

Interesting new blog: "Continuum"
There are not very many blogs out there that focus on the Continuing Anglicans, those churches that split from ECUSA in the 1970s over the ordination of women. Until this week, the only blogs of this type of which I was aware were The Continuing Anglican Churchman and Continuing Home, both of which are fine blogs and make a needed contribution to the discussion of alternatives to ECUSA.

This week I found out about Continuum, which appears to be a group blog with contributors such as Fr. Robert Hart and Fr. Matthew Kirby. In addition, the prime mover behind "Continuum", a man who goes by the name "Albion" is no slouch either; he writes very well and is in the process of joining the Anglican Church in America, with a view towards eventually being ordained. This blog has a great deal of potential, I think, and would be worth checking out.


Albion Land said...

Interestingly, I just discovered the Prydain piece on the site, under the topic heading: Mainline Protestant.

Boy do we have some educating to do!

Albion Land said...

We have truly arrived.

CaNN, the preeminent source of news and comentary on the net about matters Anglican, has given us a mention, courtesy of Prydain.

Mike the Geek said...

Thanks to Prydain via FreeRepublic, I came across your site as well. I have added you to my link list. Good luck and God bless!