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The Holy Innocents

The Holy Innocents, Anon., Germany, 1400s, British Library

As we commemorate the Feast of the Holy Innocents, let us recall that innocent babes are still being slaughtered today, to an extent that would probably have made even Herod blush. The following is courtesy of my dear friend Shari de Silva, at Clueless Christian. (Shari has very correctly provided citations to back up what she has said, but I have left them out to save space. Anyone who wants the full details may contact me).

Twelve Good Reasons to Choose (my) Life …

1. Because I’m your baby and you don’t want to hurt me.
By the time you even knew about me I had brainwaves and a beating heart. (Three weeks after conception a developing baby has a beating heart. Five weeks after conception, brain waves can be recorded).
It will hurt me a lot. (By 7 weeks after conception, a developing baby has a well developed nervous system, and is more sensitive to pain than an adult).

2. Because it could hurt my baby brothers and sisters.
Having had a previous abortion doubles the risk to future pregnancies.
These risks include
A. Placenta previa (with third trimester bleeding)
B. Infertility (inability to conceive) premature birth or still birth
C. Low birth weight
D. Death within the first three months.
E. Cerebral palsy (with paralysis)
F. Mental retardation or learning disabilities.
G. Seizures.

3. Because it could hurt my big brothers and sisters.
Children, aged one to four, whose mothers have an abortion were found to have lower emotional support at home.
Children, aged five to nine, whose mothers have an abortion were found to have more behavioral problems.

4. Because it could hurt my Dad and break up my family.
By ending Mom’s relationship with Dad. More than 50% of male-female relationships end within one year after the abortion of a child.
By making Dad feel guilty and helpless. Of 1,050 men interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, two-thirds of those who acknowledged having fathered an aborted child said they felt guilty about it, and one-third acknowledged feelings of regret, anger, pain, impotence and nightmares similar to those experienced by survivors of combat.
By making Dad a less good husband and father. Abortion encourages predatory sexual habits by releasing men from responsibility for their actions. After interviewing 1000 men whose partners were getting abortions, sociologist Arthur Shostak warned that men who are not helped to mourn over an abortion are learning how to be even less involved as nurturing parents in the future.

5. Because it could make your tummy hurt all your life, and make it impossible for you ever to be anybody’s Mom again.
Abortion leaves fragments of my bones in Mom’s uterus. These are almost impossible to see, even with a special microscope, and usually work into the uterus.
These fragments cause:
A. Infertility (inability to have children) Fertility and Sterility Journal, Apr. 03; Elliot Institute News Vol.2, No.5, 19May03
B. Pelvic infections and chronic pain from adhesions.
C. Future pregnancies outside the uterus ("ectopic") meaning my baby sibling will die and Mom might die too.
4. Bleeding during other pregnancies, with death or disease for my baby siblings.

6. Because it may make it more likely that you will get cancer.
Abortion, with delay of pregnancy, results in loss of protection from breast cancer. This loss of protection is greatest in teenagers who undergo abortion.
By contrast, carrying a child to term protects against ovarian cancer.

7. Because we might both die.
Four out of 100 (4%) moms have life-threatening complications during first trimester abortion.
Twenty two out of 100 (22%) moms have life threatening complications during second trimester abortion.

8. Because taking my life might make you so sad that you take your own.
Low income moms who have abortions are 2.6 times more likely to die of suicide than low income moms who have their babies.
This study examined 173,000 low income California women who had abortions or gave birth in 1989 Having an abortion gave California a higher suicide rate than women in general, while giving birth reduced women’s suicide risk.
Teenage moms who have an abortion are 10 times more likely to die of suicide than teenage moms who have their babies.

9. Because you’d probably live longer if you have me.
A mom’s risk of dying within a year after an abortion is 3.5 times higher than the risk of dying after childbirth.

10. Because you’d be a happier person if you have me.
Of moms who abort a first pregnancy 60% become severely depressed, with many having post abortion traumatic disorder (including nightmares and panic attacks).
Such mothers are 138 percent more likely to have clinical depression compared to women who carry an unintended first pregnancy to term. This terrible sadness continues for at least eight years after the abortion.

11. Because you’d be a nicer person if you have me.
Mothers (in particular teenagers)who have an abortion are much more likely to develop antisocial traits, paranoia, drug abuse, psychotic delusions, and nightmares. They are also more likely to abuse alcohol, drugs and to engage in even greater promiscuity, with resultant increase in HIV and other sexually transmitted illnesses. Such mothers are also more likely to have difficulty maintaining relationships and to have future abortions.

12. Because God is counting on you to have me.
(He said I could count on you too.)
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