Friday, July 06, 2007

Update on Les Kinsolving

Somehow I missed a reply to my earlier inquiry about this matter, and so I thank our readers for bringing it to my attention. I want to put this upfront for all to see, because as late as two years ago, just before I departed for Arizona, Fr. Kinsolving was still identifying himself with the UEC (as he has consistently done, on his radio program, for many years). I thank Bishop Leo Michael for having responded, and apologize for having missed it earlier. This was a comment, and so it has a few typos:

Dear Brothers in "The Continuum" blog,This is Bishop Leo Michael, Bishop Suffragan of the United Episcopal Church of North America. Appreciate your earnestness in promoting unity among the continuing churches and my quest is the same after the heart of Jesus who prayed that they may all be one. In reference about UEC in the comments under "ACC-APCK Unity", some of the information is totally outdated and incorrect. The reference to Rev. Les Kinsolving is 20 years ago. Kinsolving is not a member of the UECNA for the past 20 years. We do not have any association with him or whatever he stood for nor stands for. Our position on right to life at all stages has been very orthodox and we have defended and we will continue to defend it.

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Ken said...

I guess somebody needs to contact Kinsolving to get to the bottom of this mystery wrapped in an enigma.