Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Pause for Reflection

The masthead of this blog speaks of welcoming robust discussion, and of that there has been no short supply in recent weeks.

However, I have noted occasionally a comment comes perilously close to losing sight of the politeness that should accompany that robustness.

For the benefit of all, I commend to you a reflection by Glory to God for All Things host Fr Stephen Freeman as an aside to the discussion about the Pope's recent statement on the nature of the Church.

In part, he says: "I see that love gets strained very quickly in learned conversations - even between people whom I know and love. Our learning crushes our patience and lays heavily on our hearts. We need not renounce it, but carry it about us like a miner carrying nitroglycerin. Useful stuff - but it will blow you up."

Read it all here.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

(I do enjoy Fr. Stephen's blog.) We all have personal experience of lack of charity. Charity within the household of faith is sorely needed.

It seems that the more "educated" a person feels themselves on a subject, the less secure they are when their thoughts, opinions and research are questioned, even innocently. If what we offer is based on a sincere love of God, we have no need to feel insecure and can have real conversation.