Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Dragon Within

Thank you, Albion for posting those words. As one noted for fierce discussion, I've been wanting to say similar things for a while, but he said them much better than I ever could. I would simply add the following poem to that. It came to me as a reminder in the midst of various debates, both theological and political.

The Dragon Within

There lurks a great beast in a darksome place,
a fearsome presence in a well hid space,
whose smoldering evil brings black awe,
whose appetite draws all to its maw.

Draw near to the beast and look in its eye,
and, if you are seeing, in fear you’ll cry,
for what you will see is its rage and its hate,
and a hot emptiness beyond a cruel gate.

Its hot, ugly anger burns beauty to dust,
for utter destruction is always its lust,
and what it beholds, the better it be,
the quicker it wishes its ending to see.

The beast will destroy with its flaming breath,
and all that confront it are touched by death,
and hearts that were soft will be turned to stone,
and every spirit will perish alone.

This dragon, you see, lurks deep in your soul,
and has pure destruction as its only goal,
and, using the hatred that dwells in your heart,
will rend every goodness and tear it apart.

So look on yourself and dig deep within,
and a powerful cleansing you need to begin,
and slay that old dragon of hatred and rage,
and walk with boldness and God’s peace wage.

-------------------------ed pacht

(BTW, it was conceived as a song and wants music)

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Warwickensis said...

Working on it.

Wants a good deep bass methinks.