Friday, July 06, 2007

A few points

1) The APCK Newsletter that goes out to just about the whole "province" has reported that I left Arizona because "Fr. Hart planned to return to his former jurisdiction." That is simply not true. I had no such plans; however, I have been welcomed back since the bishop and people of this diocese had never wanted to lose me in the first place, and because I did not favor the idea of letting my family become homeless once I was thrown out like an old shoe. Unfortunately, Bishop Frederick Morrission (APCK, Diocese of the Southwestern States) cannot bring himself to admit the truth, which I have already reported here.

2) My article on clergy education will be posted, God willing, next week. I am still unpacking while trying to recover my strength after my battle with pneumonia.

3) Regarding ++Haverland's statement and the circle of three (ACC, APCK and UEC), I am still waiting for someone from the UEC to answer my very real concern about a priest in Virginia who is a nationally known figure, and whose pro-abortion views have never been private, since he broadcasts them regularly on a Baltimore, Maryland radio station, and has done so for many years. Known for his entertaining questions at the Whitehouse Press briefings, and his red jacket, the Rev. Les Kinsolving, ordained in the Episcopal Church back in the 1950s, has long identified himself as a priest in the UEC. But, Fr. Kinsolving is a heretic (even though I have liked him personally when we have met and talked). He advocates for abortion through the second trimester, and has other heretical opinions which he proudly voices. So, what do the UEC bishops have to say about his claim to be one of their priests? I really, genuinely, want an answer ( the Affirmation of St. Louis is pro-life).

If nothing else, for the sake of us all, I would like the UEC bishops to distance themselves from Fr. Kinsolving's heresies in a public statement.


Ken said...

Fr. Hart,

The issue with Kingsolving has already been discussed on this blog, in the comments of some post I can't remember.

From what I recall someone from the UEC stated he no longer enjoys faculties with that group.

Ken said...

Fr. Hart,

The question of Les Kinsolving's relationship with the UECNA has already been answered on this blog by Bishop Leo Micheal's of the UEC:

Dear Brothers in "The Continuum" blog,

This is Bishop Leo Michael, Bishop Suffragan of the United Episcopal Church of North America. Appreciate your earnestness in promoting unity among the continuing churches and my quest is the same after the heart of Jesus who prayed that they may all be one.

In reference about UEC in the comments under "ACC-APCK Unity", some of the information is totally outdated and incorrect. The reference to Rev. Les Kinsolving is 20 years ago. Kinsolving is not a member of the UECNA for the past 20 years. We do not have any association with him or whatever he stood for nor stands for. Our position on right to life at all stages has been very orthodox and we have defended and we will continue to defend it.

Whether the facts on the ground are different, I don't know. However, there has been a response to your question. Look in the comments under the topic ACC-APCK Unity.

J. Gordon Anderson said...

I thought Kinsolving was a priest in the ACC too at some point, and served as rector of Ss. Andrew & Margaret. Is that not true?

ACC Member said...

I'm sure every Continuing jurisdiction has had some priests that they would prefer to forget about. "Bad eggs" are often quite capable of fooling a Commission on Holy Orders of all churches, not just the Continuing churches. For lack of space, I'll not tell stories about some of the absolute freaks I encountered as a United Methodist for 37 years.

I think it is totally unfair to try to attack a jurisdiction based on a "bad egg" priest. That is throwing rocks in a glass house, because there is no doubt that there are "bad eggs" in every jurisdiction. (You may not know it yet, but odds are, they are there. Time will tell.)

If we have charity toward another jurisdiction that discovers a "bad egg" priest, then we have a better hope of receiving the same treatment from that jurisdiction when one of our own turns out to be a "bad egg."

Brian McKee, nO/C.G.S.

Anonymous said...

Les Kinsolving was NEVER the Rector of St. Andrew and St. Margaret of Scotland, Alexandria, VA. His wife is a soloist in the choir there, but he never attended there in the time that I attended there (1985-1999), nor has he done so recently.