Sunday, July 29, 2007

Taking This Bull by the Horns

Do your damndest

I have learned that at least one of the clergy of the Diocese of the Southwestern States, Anglican Province of Christ the King, has written to a correspondent of mine to say that, in addition to what I have reported about my dismissal from the Church of the Atonement, there are “other issues” about me. Furthermore, a priest in the Diocese of the Western States, to be exact in California (yes, you know who you are) told the former chancellor of the whole APCK that he knows “the real story” about me.

Well doggone fellas, don’t keep me in the dark. None of the priests of the APCK has anything of mine to keep under the seal, since my confessor was a Roman Catholic priest the whole time. So, you are all free to say anything and everything that you know. And remember, truth is the one valid defense in cases of slander or libel. But, if any one of you claims to be keeping anything under the seal, I give permission to make it all public. You can use the comments right here (just watch your language)- everyone from his Grace, Frederick the Bishop, to the most junior priest- or a layman- anybody. I really want to hear “the real story” and “other issues.” Was I ordained by the “Dead Hand”? Was I a bank robber? Do I kick dogs? Do I have a secret second wife and family hidden from the little woman? Am I really Baby Face Nelson, finally exposed after all these years? What, pray tell, is the juicy scandal?

Let ‘er rip! Do your damndest!


The Barking Toad is a blog that has been inactive for about two years, but is suddenly bursting with activity. The Toad himself has not revealed his identity; but it seems he knows a lot. I get the idea he was in on some sensitive information.


Anonymous said...

Word is out that Morrison's two assisting deacons have suddenly departed from the APCK. No reason is known as of yet. But of one thing you can be certain - they'll be portrayed as cranks, kooks, disgruntled, troubled, disturbed, or as pawns in a satanic attack on the church - anything other than that they left for legitimate reasons or because of valid concerns. No introspection or soul searching will be in order. It's always those who are leaving who have "issues", regardless of how long or how loyally they've served.

Dustin Ashes said...

I would like to know if you have ever been guilty of suggesting unity or some hideous notion like that.

Perhaps Fr. Hart is the fellow in the youtube flic "The Bad Vicar"!

I know!

You are hanging out with those toads instead of proper frogs!!! Every genus knows their order is a tad out of the pond and they are jurisdiction hoppers! I am warting you not to withhold any secretions regarding any ladies kissing them for a price... I mean a prince.

apckmusician said...

"What, pray tell, is the juicy scandal? Let ‘er rip! Do your damndest!"

Dear Fr. Hart,

The silence is deafening, isn't it?
Bev T

The Lemonts said...

Bravo Father! I like your style. A straight shooter you are!

Anonymous said...

I may have heard once that Fr. Hart leaves his dirty dishes in the sink. Also, that he sometimes eats dessert first. And frequently his socks don't match.

Anonymous said...

And then there's the little problem with the toothpaste;-)

Fr Matthew Kirby said...

Leaves his dirty dishes in the sink? And that's a bad thing? Oh oh ...

Never mind socks, I once put on mis-matched sneakers and only noticed when I took them off at the end of the day.

May the Lord deliver us from foolish gossip and the security blanket of retaliatory false accusation.