Thursday, July 31, 2008

A 'Reminder' to New Readers

I've noticed a most welcome crop of new readers in the past few weeks, a number of whom must be from the same family, because they all have the same name -- Anonymous.

This is to 'remind' them of one of our very few basic rules here -- we discourage comments from people called Anonymous. And the reason is quite simple: if several people are using the same name, nobody has any idea who is saying what in a discussion.

I've never understood why people are ashamed to use their own names, but there is no reason why you must here if you choose not to. Simply choose a nomme de plume, and stick with it. That way, we'll get to know you, even though we don't really get to know you.

And one last word, while I'm at it. As I said, we have very few rules here, and they are all based on Christian charity. No one has ever been banned from this site, and I do not envision that anyone ever will be. That said, comments that constitute personal attacks on others will be rejected, as will those that are impolite.

Otherwise, have at it. We encourage lively debate, though we also encourage that debate to be based on at least a minimum of substance. Just a minimum, folks. Really.


Fr. John said...

Albion wrote: "That said, comments that constitute personal attacks on others will not be rejected...."

Many thanks for this open season on jerks and establishment of a free fire zone so to speak. I for one am really tired of all the sites like Stand Fast, or Firm, or Tall or something like that. They really irk me with their deleting my comments all the time just because I call an idiot an idiot. Now at last I have a fair shot to take some punks to task.

Thank you Albion for this refreshing endorsement of free speech American style.

I look forward to the first verbal blast!

Fr William Bauer said...

I was an anonymous for several months for the reason that I do not use Google. Notice that blogspot is part of Google. The other methods of identification are not familiar to me, and even when I signed my name, the post indicated at the top that it was from anonymous. Signing up as a Google blogger was especially frustrating and took 45 min of hot, sweaty work and a day delay.
In essence, being anonymous is not always a matter of wanting to be anonymous.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Albion appears to have made a typo- "...comments that constitute personal attacks on others will not be rejected...." should read, "will be rejected..."

Albion, please edit the above if I am right.

Albion Land said...

Correction made, Fr Hart.

Good editing, Fr John. I hope you aren't too disappointed. :>)

Fr. John said...


How about one day a month then?

Anonymous said...

Fr John: Congratulations on having comments deleted on "Stand Firm in Froth." Keep up the fine work and pretty soon they will ban you entirely. This will make you eligible for an exclusive fraternity of Blogosphere Truth-tellers. Not to brag, but I made it before you.

If you get a nasty-gram from GG using the F word, you get a special ribbon to wear at meetings of the fraternity.