Thursday, July 24, 2008


As owner of The Continuum, I do hereby name Fr Robert Hart as its Canon Theologian .

Long may he theologise.


John Dixon said...

He gets to wear some kind of neat hat doesn't he? Maybe a collection ought be taken up. <{;-)

Rev. Dr. Hassert said...

Can he get red piping on his cassock? Or is that for deans?

Anonymous said...

Is he required (or privileged) to wear red socks?

(btw, it is a splendid appointment.)

Warwickensis said...

"Long may he theologise."

Indeed. I'd be grateful to Fr. Hart if he would perhaps publish a book or 7 on the 39 Articles or on why Anglicanism is Catholic, or even on "What is the Continuum?" seeing that Rome seems still not to recognise the fact that the TAC has nothing to do with Lambeth.

As for the new hat, would not the Bishop Andrewes cap as worn by Doctors of Divinity at Cambridge be apposite?