Sunday, July 20, 2008

Linking The Continuum

In a comment today, Canon Tallis asked permission to add a link to The Continuum on his parish website. My answer is, "but of course!"

We would be happy if The Continuum were linked on the website of every continuing jurisdiction, diocese and parish, as well as the personal websites and blogs of every faithful individual in the continuing movement.

For those of you who do, I would welcome your adding a comment here letting us know that you have done so.

I would also repeat an invitation that I have made on several occasions in the past.
My dream for The Continuum has always been for it to become the primary on-line source of news, commentary and teaching in the continuing movement. It can only achieve the first of these three goals if its readers contribute by sharing news with us.

Just one request. Please keep in mind that the sort of news we are looking for is that which will be of interest to as many of our readers as possible. The fact that John Bullhorn has been named head of St George's choir would probably not make the cut. But if Mr Bullhorn one day comes up with an ingenious way to improve the quality of St George's musical ministry in ways that could be adopted by other parishes, that would most certainly be news.


David said...

I cone here often looking for news and going over theological postings and I am not Anglican (though at heart I probably am). Actually my daughter was recently baptized and both of us Chrismated into Orthodoxy. There just wasn't an option of a continuuing parish in the Sacramento area.

This is one of my favorite blogs. I find the content useful, informative, and well written.

John Dixon said...

As a matter of evangelism it is a good thing to link as often as possible as to raise the profile of Continuing Anglican blogs, parishes, jurisdictions etc. A free and effective way to cooperate.

Anonymous said...

If you link to particular parishes, we would be honored to have you link to ours. http;//
I will ask our webmaster to return the compliment.
Laurence K. Wells

Mark said...

I've been linking here from my blog since I first found and became endeared to this site. :)

Paul Hunter said...

I am still technically a member of The Episcopal Church, In a network diocese, but I attend a continuuing I link the continuum on my blog.