Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Francis Hall's Works

One of our readers, Phil Gons, has brought to my attention the fact that Logos Bible Software is planning to digitize 16 volumes of Francis J. Hall’s works, including his famous 10-volume series on Dogmatic Theology.

For further information:


John Dixon said...

This site seems to want a prepay without a guarantee of delivery unless a qualified interest has been met. Do you know how this works ? I hate to volunteer my credit card without assurance of receiving something in return.

Albion Land said...

Sorry, John, I don't have a clue. Perhaps Phil might be kind enough to answer your question.

Antonio said...

Via Rorate Caeli I'v read that on last July 11, Archbishop John J. Myers said this about "continuing anglicans":

"We are working on expanding the mandate of the Pastoral Provision to include those clergy and faithful of 'continuing Anglican communities'".

Not that I think that you'd be interested to "swim", but I think it's interesting to know that Rome REALLY knows about your existence.
Even if Canterbury doesn't want this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Hi, John,

You won't be charged when you place your pre-order. You are essentially just casting your vote for this collection. If it receives enough "votes," it will go into production. You will be notified you when it is getting ready to ship. You won't be charged until it actually ships. Anytime prior to when it ships you may freely cancel your pre-order with no negative consequences.

Hope this helps.

John Dixon said...

Thanks I am going to place an order. I have the 10 volume set and a couple others but it would be great to have it on disc and utilze a search engine.

Not sure I understand the context here with Antonio's comment. Why swim when such as Hall was on this of the Tiber?
Canterbury? What is Canterbury?

Anonymous said...

John, I think you’ll find having the Libronix digital edition to be very valuable. With all the tagging of Scripture references and links to other resources, the incredibly powerful search engine, and the ability to take notes and markup the text, the Francis J. Hall Theology Collection will be not only a superb research tool, but also perfect for leisurely reading. (I know many don’t like to read from a screen, but I actually prefer it.)