Wednesday, April 16, 2008

St John the Evangelist, Nicosia

I am honoured and humbled to announce that Archbishop Mark Haverland has made me a Reader in the Anglican Catholic Church and has authorised me to preach my own sermons.

We have been discussing the prospect of my planting an ACC mission here in Cyprus, and this was the first step toward that eventual end.

I would welcome your prayers as we move forward toward making St John the Evangelist mission in Nicosia a reality. I would also welcome any practical suggestions or material help you might wish to make, such as spare prayerbooks, church furnishings, etc.


The Shrinking Cleric said...

Dear Mr. Land,

Congratulations on becoming a Reader in the ACC and best wishes on the new parish in Cyprus. You will be in my prayers.

Father Bob Jones

Albion Land said...

Thanks so much, Fr Jones.

Please, though, let's not get us ahead of ourselves -- we are only talking about a mission at the moment, not a parish.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Albion. May God bless you and all who pray with you.

The Auld MacLaren said...

Please accept our prayers and best wihes.

poetreader said...

Yay Albion!

Both your licensing and the opening of a mission in Cypress have been on my heart and occasionally in my prayers from the first contact we had. I believe some of my earliest correspondence with you was on the very subject.

Congratulations, and may the Lord prosepr the work.


Abu Daoud said...

Congratulations brother, so glad to hear the good news. May many come into the Kingdom through your ministry.

Alice C. Linsley said...

This is very good news! It makes my heart glad. I too will pray for God's blessings in this.

Anonymous said...

I rejoice to read of this. God will bless your new Mission.
Laurence K. Wells

Fr_Rob said...

This is great news, Albion. I pray for the Lord's richest blessings on you and St. John the Evangelist!

Albion Land said...


Thanks. I shall be in touch with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Land,

I have available 12 Prayer Books (1928) and 12 Hymnals (1940) that you may have. Let me know how you want them sent to you, and I'll get them off ASAP.

My email address is

In Christ,

Fr. C Thomas McHenry
Archdeacon, DMAS (ACC)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, Albion. I will keep this work in my prayers.

GK Chesterton said...

Cash, via check, is the cheapest thing to ship overseas (all thanks to the great Templars). Sans address shipping such is impossible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Albion
I am very pleased to hear your news,. please be assured of my prayers and those of your friends in the ACC-DUK.
Fr Damien Mead

Anonymous said...

Mr Land asked for prayerbooks - I have offerd him prayerbooks. I suspect that there are few sources in Cyprus wher he could obtain 1928 BCPs and 1940 Hymnals, so sending money would probably not do him much good.

C Thomas McHenry+

Anonymous said...

Albion, please contact me by email (or see in regard to receiving donations of supplies.

All, if you have excess prayer books, hymnals, vestments, etc., please consider passing them along to a needy parish through donation to the Anglican Bible and Book Society.

Albion Land said...

Fr Daniel,

I have emailed you. If it does not reach you, please let me know.