Thursday, April 03, 2008

ACC Has a New Bishop

The Very Revd Damien Mead was elected on March 29 as bishop of the Diocese of the United Kingdom in the Anglican Catholic Church.

Fr Damien, currently vicar general of the diocese, is awaiting confirmation of his election by the archbishop and college of bishops.

He asks that we pray for him "at this exciting but somewhat daunting time."


Michael said...

Smile, Father.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

If I were made a bishop I would not be smiling either. I offer my condolences.

Anonymous said...

I didn't choose the picture displayed - but I appreciate Fr Hart's words ... actually the picture was taken as a model for a painting presented to me when I became Vicar General - the artist asked me if I wanted to smile or look serious ... the thought of my smiling face looking down on me (and anyone unlucky enough to visit me) for years to come decided the matter!