Friday, February 19, 2010


At this time we have new offerings since Ash Wednesday for your interest, informative and challenging. Fr. Charles Nalls has written an essay that about the works of Bishop John H. Hobart showing how his exhortations are relevant to our own time (and Fr. Nalls has also provided, in that essay, an instructive mastery of prose that any aspiring writer can learn from). Bishop Peter Robinson of the UECNA, who has agreed to join us, has begun already to post here, with the kind of thinking we need as Continuing Anglicans, for some quite possibly a necessary course correction. Just below you will find my latest contribution. All three of these may be found by scrolling down.


RC Cola said...

Where is everyone? I was hoping for a lot more talk about Fr. Nalls' piece about Bishop Hobart.

Fr. Nalls, did you get the photos of SS Peter and John I sent to your parish e-mail?

Fr. Robert Hart said...


One thing I have learned over the years is that the number of comments does not do much to indicate the number of readers. The site meter tells me that we have our usual group(with increased readership in the last few months). No doubt the numbers will take the weekly weekend dive on Saturday, and shoot back up on Monday. I think Fr. Nall's Hobart piece is worth reading at least twice to get it all.

Fr. Nalls said...

RC Cola
No-still looking for them. You might try my main e-mail at the Canon Law Institute(R) here in D.C.
Lenten blessings.

CanonJohn3+ said...

Where is everyone? Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, the Olympics, preparing one's taxes to render under Caesar, dealing with snow storms, and lastly, I suspect that folks may be holding comment to see how the TAC/ACA Rome gambit plays out. The arguments regarding that have been well articulated here. How about a Continuum booth at the upcoming Anglican Use Conference in Newark?

Fr John Westcott ACC

Fr. Robert Hart said...

How about a Continuum booth at the upcoming Anglican Use Conference in Newark?

I would be thrown out.

Canon Tallis said...

My computer was down. Just got it back. Very delighted to read again such excellent work.