Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Haiti Update

The response to the ACC Mission Fund relief efforts for Haiti are as follows. Initially, $6,000. was sent by the hand of Delourdes Bien-Aime, which simply did not go far against the great need. More funds have been received to be sent to Haiti, mostly designated for such needs as replacement of a vehicle and buildings for the orphanage, for immediate needs in the ACC parishes (the only Continuing Anglican presence there), to be distributed among the priests for those needs. One of the ACC Rectors will also distribute funds to the wider humanitarian needs. Furthermore, contributions may still be made for the ongoing relief effort.

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Fr. Steve said...

I know my parish sent some money to the UECNA effort, which was supposed to coordinate with the ACC effort. Hopefully, we can get enough to do some real work over there. And now, there's Chili to add to the mix. Though I don't think there are any Continuing churches in Chili.