Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TAC College of Bishops to Meet

The Traditional Anglican Communion's College of Bishops is scheduled to meet in Portsmouth, England on Oct 1-5.

During the meeting, it is anticipated that a number of new provinces will be welcomed into the TAC and that the Revd Michael Gill will be consecrated as diocesan bishop of Southern Africa.

There will also be working groups on relations with other continuing churches, with Forward in Faith and with the Anglican Communion, as well as on the theological and spiritual formation of candidates for Holy Orders and the formation of newly elected bishops.

There will also be discussion about the conversations the TAC has been having with the Holy See.

Please keep Archbishop John Hepworth, his fellow bishops and all the clergy and laity of the TAC in your prayers, that the decisions taken may serve to strengthen the continuing Anglican movement, move toward the goal of greater unity of all Catholic Christians and, above all, be to the greater glory of God and to the building up of His Kingdom.

Archbishop Hepworth has promised to keep me abreast of major events that may occur during the meeting, beginning with his charge to the assembled bishops.


Laurence K. Wells+ said...

Concerning "talks with Rome," here is a quote from the August 2007 Diocesan Circular of the ACC-Canada, published on the TAC website. ACCC writes:

"After reminding us that there are currently no active talks with Rome, the Archbishop did state that there are encouraging rumblings coming from Rome in terms of how they might eventually provide safe harbour for bodies such as TAC. However, as as rumblings are just that, and nothing opfficial has been promulgated or issued, there were no specifics to provide."

For those with genuine interest, RCIA classes are already in session.

Abu Daoud said...

y interested to know about the new provinces being accepted by TAC. Also, I am curious to know if TAC is growing through evangelism. That is, are new dioceses and provinces being formed because new churches are being planted? Or is it mostly a question of independent churches that have been around a while just joining TAC?

Albion Land said...

Abu Daoud,

They can certainly answer for themselves (Ed?), but my impression is that it's a combination of both.

poetreader said...

I'm waiting for news myself. Like almost everyone else everywhere, I'm pretty much out of the loop at this point.


Alice C. Linsley said...

May the October meeting of Bishops be blessed and productive! We must renew our commitment to pray for all bishops: Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox. All are under great pressure to conform to the "spirit of the age." Heresies are creatures with tentacles.