Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Cantuarian predictions

This is the big month, the big make or break month with the Windsor Report deadline. What will happen? The "covenant" that was supposed to establish rules that would exclude the Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion will be reinterpreted to mean, somehow, the exact opposite, and to become an inclusive and affirmative stall. The rescinding of invitations to the Lambeth Conference sent to the bishops of the Episcopal Church will not happen, for some reason to be excused in a wordy mealy mouthed way; and the African Primates will not be present at Lambeth to make any sort of prophetic stand. Their silence by means of absence will make no difference as to what is decided at the Lambeth Conference.

There. No need to waste time on the Anglican Communion news to come. The only question is, what will Bishops Iker, Ackerman and Schofield do?


Alice C. Linsley said...

I'd like to hear what you think +Iker's, +Ackerman's and +Scofield's options might be?

Fr. Robert Hart said...

What each of these diocese faces is the possible legal challenge that all church properties belong to the national "church" instead of each diocese. But, they need to get out of ECUSA because, even at its best, it is always one retirement away from total disaster.