Thursday, August 09, 2007

Once more, on the road

(Not for the likes of me to quote a Country Western title; hence my choice of words.)
Beginning Friday, Aug. 10, I will be helping my oldest son drive his car from Easton, Maryland to Arizona State University in Phoenix. I will fly back to Maryland on the 17th. Where ever possible, I will connect to the internet, and check in. Among other things, I want to continue the clergy education series after that.


Albion Land said...

Safe travel to you both.

Warwickensis said...


DeepSouth Catholic-Anglican said...

Safe travel, Father! My daughter and I too leave tomorrow (10th)on a 3 hour drive north to MUW (Columbus, MS.)Gratefully not the 13 hours as last years drive to Marion,IN.

One question though, why is the ACA (TAC) not list in the "continuing jurisdictions" section of your blog?

God grant you a safe journey.


Albion Land said...

Hi Deepsouth Anglican,

To answer your question, the ACA IS listed among the continuing jurisdictions. You will find it under the Traditional Anglican Communion, which is where it has its presence on the WWW.

When I set up the blog, it made more sense to me to have all of the churches members of the TAC under that one heading, rather than to list them separately.

J. Gordon Anderson said...

Ahhhh, Maryland! Drink some rye whiskey for me. (AFTER you are finished driving your son to Arizona).

poetreader said...

Welcome back, Father Hart!
Have you taken note that your title, though remeniscent of that country song, resonates also with the fact ath much is being made right now of the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's famous and strange 'novel' On the Road