Tuesday, August 28, 2007

From Archbishop Mark Haverland

About the Continuum Blog:

I don't think the Continuum blog is hostile to the ACC, for reasons several have stated. There is some ACC-bashing and some unpleasantness, but the blog as such is thoughtful and rather irenic. A non-ACC observer would, and even I do, find others occasionally bashed as well. In general when the ACC is the bashee I've thought that the problem would be solved by the simple expedient of reading what I or other ACC folk have actually read or written and then dealing with that, as opposed to speculating about motives, hidden meanings, and such. Blog threads perhaps invite tangents and speculation. But the weaknesses of the form are outweighed, I think, by the useful service performed by this example of it.


poetreader said...

Thanks to the Archbishop for a light-filled and gracious stement.


Anonymous said...

Candidates for holy orders, beware! Bishops read this blog. (Spooky, isn't it?)