Saturday, June 30, 2007

Provence is New APCK Archbishop

Fr Hart was right. The following is from the APCK website:

Bishops of the Anglican Province of Christ the King elected the Most Reverend James Eugene Provence the 2nd Archbishop in the Pro-Cathedral of St. Peter, Oakland, California, on Friday, June 29, 2007.

The new Archbishop will continue to administer the Diocese of the Western States, and Archbishop Robert Morse will continue to direct St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College in Berkeley, California.


ACC Member said...

Let us remember Archbishop Provence, Archbishop Morse and the Anglican Province of Christ The King in our prayers.

Brian McKee, nO/C.G.S.

Anonymous said...

I realize you all may be on the outs with the APCK (and from what Fr. Hart writes, who could blame him?), but you folks do yourself no favor by removing the link to the APCK website (retaining the listing) while continuing to discuss APCK news and issues.

I am in the APCK and *very* concerned about what I read here, but now I have to qualify what I read through this lens.

You needn't approve this for publication. It's for you folks and not the public.

Albion Land said...

Someone has sent me a note claiming that we have removed the link to the APCK website. I have just tested it, and it is working fine.

Fr. Robert Hart said...


Two things: First, I really enjoy some of the music you have written over the centuries; you're quite a prolific guy. Second, the link to the APCK has never been removed, so I don't quite know what you're talking about.


Archbishop Morse told Bishop Florenza that he was not allowed to vote in this process, which was a dictatorial measure not based on Canon Law. Not that it changed anything. It does show, however, what is in store for the Diocese of the Eastern States.

Drew Miller said...

On Thursday, Virtue reported that Archbishop Morse had forbidden Bishop Florenza from voting. Now I read it here. I was told by someone in attendance that Bishop Florenza was in fact not there. Fr. Hart, are you merely repeating what you might have read on Virtue's site, or did you learn this through another source? As a recent postulant already struggling with "continuing" issues, this is important to me.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

I did not have any need for David Virtue's report in order to know this. In fact, I will not reveal here, unless he wants to do so himself.

What is damaging the APCK is the deadly sin of pride. With more humility, all of its sound, Catholic orthodox traits would prevail.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Oops, I meant to say, i will not reveal my source unless he wants me to do so. Bad proof-reading for an editor.

Drew Miller said...

Thank you, Father Hart. I didn't intend to ask you to reveal your source; I'm sorry my question read that way. I just wanted to be sure I was hearing this from two different sources.

Anonymous said...

Come what may, I fully support Bishop Rocco in his effort to attain lasting unity with the Continuing churches. There is a lot happening behind the scenes, some of which is disturbing, and some of which is quite exciting. There is a stumbling block in our path and I pray that Bishop Rocco and his brother Bishops, in APCK and the Contiuum, will find a way over or around it. These men are reaching out in genuine Christian love and I pray God's help and guidance for these faithful shepherds.
B. Thompson
Church of the Resurrection (APCK)

Anonymous said...

Let's fill in the blanks:

Some one told me [a disgruntled ex-APCK probationary priest] that he heard Bishop Morse [on his own authority or as a messenger of the all the other bishops??] tell Bishop Florenza [who recently, openly, and unilaterally broke communion with the APCK] that he couldn't vote in the election of the APCK's next Archbishop.

I am underwhelmed.