Monday, June 18, 2007

A Pause for Thought

Judas was in the company of Christ's disciples, and the thief was in the company of murders. Yet it is a wondrous thing, how in a single instant, they exchanged places."

St. John of the Ladder

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poetreader said...

A Tale of Two

at his table,
one of twelve,
called and proud,
to be princes
of the king,
the king of kings,
and lord of lords,
when the kingdom comes.

justly sentenced,
justly dying,
next to him,
the king of kings,
and lord of lords,
who sat with sinners,
died with sinners,
and called those sinners;
and the kingdom comes.

two men,
one lord,
the good betrays,
the thief repents,
the king calls
the kingdom comes,
one is saved,
for paradise
which one?

which one?

-----------ed pacht