Monday, June 25, 2007

A blob of Tissue?

This is my grandson, due to be born some time in October. Funny, but that looks like a human head with facial features and everything. Hasn't this babe er-fetus- ever read any Supreme Court decisions? What gives him the right to look so, well, human? I think he should have more respect for the law of the land, and try to resemble a mere blob of tissue. Doesn't he care what NOW and Planned Parenthood think? How can he so utterly disregard their arguments without a care?

But, he is kind of cute.


Anonymous said...

The blob ought to be sued for such a capricious affectation bordering on hate crime against women's sacred right to choose to abort, uh, well, whatever it isn't.

Anonymous said...

The Blob--sounds like something from a science fiction horror movie. But then, the world in which we live resembles a science fiction horror movie, especially on issues like these.