Saturday, June 02, 2007

It Was True

David Virtue was right about the upcoming selection of a new archbishop for the Anglican Province of Christ the King. The following from the APCK website:

Dear Brethren:

On St. Peter's Day, June 29th, at 11:00 a.m. the College of Bishops will meet at St. Peter's Pro-Cathedral, Oakland, California for the Liturgy of St. Peter. Then in solemn assembly the Bishops will elect the new Archbishop for the Province of Christ the King.

The Mass will be open to all those who wish to attend this historic occasion. It is significant that the election take place at St. Peter's Pro-Cathedral on St. Peter's Feast Day for the Province was first established in that church.

Please pray for the Bishops at this time.

With every good wish and blessing,

The Most Reverend Robert Sherwood Morse


Rev. Dr. Hassert said...

I wonder when they mention the Liturgy of Saint Peter if they are making reference to using the old Sarum liturgy? That would be quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

I would advise y'all to pay close attention to the Diocesan Synod of the APCK's East Coast Diocese, which meets from 6 to 9 June (in Chicago, I think); there is the possibility of a major "realignmant."

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you might also spare a glance for Rome as well -- if that is true which I heard the other day, that at a meeting of the SSC clergy of the Fort Worth ECUSA diocese (together with Bishop Iker) with the RC Bishop of Fort Worth, Bp. Vann, the latter announced that Rome will soon be transforming the "Pastoral Provision" for "Anglican Use Roman Catholics" by erecting a world-wide "Personal Prelature" for Anglicans wishing to enter into communion with Rome.