Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reaffirming St. Louis

January 28th (so we are one day ahead) seems like a good date for posting information about Fr. John Roddy's blog page that allows each of you to attach your John Hancock (that is, an American way of saying "to sign your name") to the Affirmation of St. Louis. But, no one should sign something without reading it first. This provides an opportunity to suggest that each of you read it, or refresh your memory. You will find it all here.


Fr. John said...

And while we are reflecting on this historic document that launched the Continuing Anglican movement, a movement now threatened with the loss of many faithful Anglicans through the ill advised actions of the TAC/ACA bishops, I am disappointed and once again concerned enough to sound a warning to those in the TAC/ACA to think carefully before joining the Roman Catholic Church. Please consider carefully the following news of which I have just been made aware.

The Most Reverend J. Kevin Boland, Roman Catholic Bishop of Savannah, attended the recent consecration of Scott Benhase as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. Bishop Benhase has performed same sex blessings and has a non-celibate homosexual working on his staff according to episcopal news sources. You may see Bishop Boland at the ceremony in photos posted here:

I am now imagining that I and my parish have become Anglican Use Roman Catholics, and in fulfillment of the language of the A.C. made to participate fully in the life and activities of the Roman diocese that I now find myself, Bishop Boland ask my ordinary to send me as a representative to such a "consecration."

My conscience and sense of honor would not permit me to obey such a command. Please think hard about where you are going. If you accept this Roman offer, you will find yourself right back in the belly of the beast. Who's going to be your new Roman bishop?

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Fr. John said...

I just had a thought, maybe we should extend an opportunity to the Roman Catholic clergy and laity to sign on to the Affirmation as well.

RC Cola said...

When I was still RC, I considered myself a friend of the Continuing Anglicans, and I would have signed the Affirmation as an observer. (Essentially saying that even though I am not Anglican, the principles laid out in the Affirmation are, indeed, authentic Anglicanism.)

But I guess by "Swimming the Channel" (Swimming the Stour?) I more or less have "signed on" to the Affirmation in spirit, have I not?

wnpaul said...

In case anyone else wanted to look at the photos linked in this post, the URL go truncated, so here are some links to photos showing Bp Boland at the Benhase consecration:

Nuff said.