Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome (finally) Rev. Canon Charles Nalls

Father Nalls has had a long standing invitation to join us on The Continuum, issued by Albion Land when he was starting this blog and asking for co-bloggers in early 2006. To many of you Fr. Nalls needs no introduction, and most of you have read his recent essays published here. You may read his profile any time by clicking on his picture. Nonetheless, here is the bio anyway.

The Reverend Canon CHARLES HART NALLS is a Priest of the Anglican-Catholic Church . He currently serves the Church of the Ascension, Centreville, Virginia, and is Canon to the ordinary for his diocese. A Colonel, Chaplain Corps, Canon Nalls’ current military service is as Chief of Chaplains in the Maryland Defense Force and Regimental Chaplain to the 70th Regt. (LDR), Maryland Army National Guard. He also is lead chaplain for the 32nd Civil Support Team (Weapons of Mass Destruction) at Ft. Meade, Maryland. Canon Nalls is also an attorney with more than twenty-five years at bar and expertise in canon, religious and ecclesiastical law. He is the Executive Director of the Canon Law Institute® in Washington, D.C. and CEO of ELG, a Baltimore-based charity. His academic degrees include a Master of Theology and S.T.B. (both with honors) from Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC, where he currently is an S.T.L. candidate. He also holds a Juris Doctorate from the Georgetown University Law Center, and Bachelors of Arts degrees (Magna Cum Laude) in Political Science and History, respectively, from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Canon Nalls is the author of the book PRAYER: A Field Guide and a number of legal and religious articles, guides and pamphlets. He married Elizabeth F. Carroll in 1985, and together they have a daughter Laura Bayly Nalls.


Jack Miller said...

Welcome indeed Father Nalls...

John A. Hollister said...

Let me add my welcome and congratulations.

However, Fr. Hart tripped unwittingly over one of my pet peeves (yes, I actually have a few). That is the mixing of "formal" and "informal" degree titles, when he, like so many secular newspapers, wrote "He also holds a Juris Doctorate...."

One would not write of a physician, "He holds a Medicinae Doctorate..." would one? So it's better to put it, "He holds the degree of Juris Doctor..." or "He holds a doctorate in law...."

John A. Hollister+

Fr. Robert Hart said...

What would I know about lawyer stuff? I am simply glad that some lawyers might make it to them ther' Pearly Gates.

Fr. John said...

Welcome Fr. Nalls!

Anonymous said...

Of course when will we see him leave a group we have a little bit of a problem with - The Society of St. Michael?

He is listed under parishes served.

On their doctrine page they proclaim:

"The Society of St Michael interprets the Catholic Faith in complete accord
with the Catechism of the Catholic Church."

Is he with us or is he?


Anonymous said...

More than you think Fr. Hart, more than you think.

assistant to one of them ther' lawyers

John A. Hollister said...

As to knowing about "lawyer stuff", years ago I saw some of my students coming toward me wearing T-shirts that read, "It's a lawyer thing; you wouldn't understand."

As they passed me, I saw on the back, "But for $150 an hour, I'll explain it."

John A. Hollister+

Anonymous said...

I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but purism and pedantry in things grammatical are my highest earthly joys.
Thank you, Canon Hollister!

Welcome, Fr Nalls, but you will never see SSM after my name. I too winced when I saw that.

Chazaq said...

Where did Father Philip Barber go? I remember him at Ascension.

FrEdBakker said...

Welcome Father Charles. Fr. Charles and I belong to the same Society, the SSSM. I thank him for his friendship and guidance, that he has given to me over the past week amongst the turmoil about the Apostolic Constitution.

Father Ed Bakker.SSM
TAC New Zealand

John A. Hollister said...

Fr. Wells wrote that purism and pedantry in things grammatical are his highest earthly joys.

So there, I am sure, is a man who has his Ars Baccalaureate and, very probably, his Ars Magistracy as well.

John A. Hollister+, BA JD

John A. Hollister said...

On rereading the prior comment, I realize I was so sleepy when I wrote it that I inadvertently based my very labored joke on the comparatively rare forms of title "Ars Baccalaureus" and "Ars Magister", rather than the more common "Artium Baccalaureus" and "Artium Magister".

In the present context, the ones originally used read rather oddly....

John A. Hollister+

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Latin is Greek to me, though neither is the Lingua Franca anymore, and neither is French the Lingua Franca anymore either, inasmuch as English is now the Lingua Franca. Weird, isn't it?

So, thanks for the clarification about a Baccalaureus degree and a Magister degree in Juris.

However, I assumed that Ars Magistracy referred to a form of government- rule by Ars Masters (scary thought). It reminds me of a man who accused me in writing of "hippocracy." I replied that I never advocated rule by horses.

John A. Hollister said...

And here I would have thought "hippocracy" was rule by those who were addicted to drinking hippocras....

Actually, I must confess my Latin is nearly nonexistent; I just like reading diplomas on people's walls, especially when those diplomas are "formal" (i.e., the degree titles are in that particular dead language.)

John A. Hollister+

Anonymous said...

For your amusement:


Anonymous said...