Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today Nov. 18

This morning (EST) I logged in and saw that we have, so far today, three new posts for you. Scrolling down you will find an edifying piece by Ed Pacht that can serve as an excellent devotion before attending Holy Communion. Fr. Kirby has addressed the ecumencial relations of Anglicanism with the RCC and the EOC. Scrolling down below both of these, you will see that I have presented teaching about the Anglican expression of Eucharistic Sacrifice.

We have not forgotten the current events issue discussed so much in recent days, and both Fr. Kirby and I have written in light of that and with relevance to it. We have, however, done a good day's work so far in putting the issues in terms of what we value most about our blog, The Continuum, namely edification and education.


Incredulous Anglican said...

Fr. Hart:

Given your intense interest of late in those "Anglicans" intent on accepting the terms of the Apostolic Constitution, I wonder what you make of the material at the new blog "The Anglo-Catholic" ( It seems to have appeared over the weekend.

Fr. Robert Hart said...


All I saw at that link was one Father Doc Holiday (I kid you not) going on and on about himself.

Incredulous Anglican said...

Fr. Hart:

What I saw at The Anglo-Catholic was a bunch of "former Anglicans" gushing about the Apostolic Constitution.

highchurchman said...

I too read the Blog, Was Paul Robeson wrong when he sang,' There is a barm in Gilead'?
The Apostolic Constitution is what they seek, let them have it!

John A. Hollister said...

Highchurchman wrote, "There is a barm in Gilead?"

He should not be surprised: there's never a shortage of the barmy, and Paul Robeson, other than in his music, was certainly one of them.

John A. Hollister+