Thursday, December 24, 2009


We have several Christmas offerings here for your edification. Fr. Wells' bulletin insert for the day is direct and profound. Ed has posted a poem about the Incarnation that might well be set to music (I may try that myself). I have posted a Christmas sermon from my own archives (preached in Arizona in 2006, and planned for tonight here in North Carolina). Finally, a very old, indeed olde, sermon by Lancelot Andrewes, preached before King James on Christmas Day 1605. Reading it takes some effort, because of the older English and style; but, the effort will pay off if you take the time. Scrolling down just a little further, I have also written a short "light reading" essay on Christmas and childhood, which I hope will be relevant for all, especially parents raising their own children.

Merry Christmas,
Fr. Hart

Do not be hurt if comments take much longer to get through over this next day, inasmuch as Christmas is only once a year.

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Canon Tallis said...

For a day - and maybe a little more = forget about us and the blog and have a wonderful Christmas with your parish and family. In the meantime those of us who are so completely snowed in that we will not even be able to make it to Church or to our friend's tables wish the owners and all the rest of you the best and merriest Christmas of all times. May God truly bless us, every one!