Thursday, December 24, 2009

Broken Veil

December 24, 2009. Christmas Eve. The sweet story of the baby in the manger always touches hearts and raises pleasantly sentimental thoughts. It is a wonderfully human and deeply emotional story, but there is more. There is more

Broken Veil

The veil is pierced and broken,

the gulf no longer is,

there is no heaven far off there,

from the earth that we know here,

for God is born as His own creature,

He that made the time is dwelling in it,

and, still our Lord, is now our brother,

cradled in the human arms of mother,

and He that sits above the heavens,

yet now dwells within the earth beneath,

and we, who cannot look upon His glory,

yet can cuddle Him as helpless infant,

walk with Him as humble man,

and climb with Him up Calvary’s mountain,

there to watch with sorrow and with joy,

as He who is the Life and source of life,

bears our sins and dies our death,

and rises with a beckoning hand

to lead us through the broken veil,

that we may dwell with Him –

at Home.

a blessed Christ-Mass to all!
ed pacht

1 comment:

Fr. John said...

Beautiful, mystical, and contemplative.

This poem expresses very movingly the mystery of the Incarnation. This is the Gospel story that the world rejects, because if true, Jesus is unique beyond all comprehension. No other historical human has made these claims.

To this poem I can only add, Amen.