Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scrooge Bank

Update: My own family is safe from the affects of this, inasmuch as we are planning to be in another state serving in an ACC Parish, all of which was underway when we thought things would not go even this far. Nonetheless, I ask everyone to pray that St. Andrew's will remain in a good visible location after Friday morning's foreclosure auction-two weeks before Christmas (I suppose they may call Christmas "a humbug." Nonetheless, this church will still be in the same place on Christmas).

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poetreader said...

Guess there's not much to be done about this, and I suppose it's just - but it certainly isn't mercy, and, while one is praying (as I certainly will be) for the parish and its people, it seems necessary to pray also for the bank officials also. May God do as He always does at last, and bring flowers out of this heap of fertilizer.