Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sing With a Hearty Voice

Sadly, I cannot read music, so I cannot take a piece and its score and teach others to sing it. I must know the piece first, after which I can usually follow the music.

After Morning Prayer this morning, I was doing a bit of research on the internet, looking for uncomplicated Anglican chants I might learn and use as and when I have enough people to warrant singing the psalms and canticles.

In the course of my research, I encountered the following, which was good for a hearty laugh. Have a listen here.


Anonymous said...

And for those more penitential times,go here:


Warwickensis said...

Ah, but you have a lovely basso profundo, Albion!

If that ain't hearty, I know not what is.

Albion Land said...

You are too kind, dear Jonathan. But that was when I still smoked. I have since reverted to basso.

Anonymous said...

As they say in New England, you can't get they-ah from he-ah. For some reason I can't lunk to it.

I would appreciate the whole address somewhere

Albion Land said...

Hi Chip,

I don't know what to say, as it works for me.

Try Googling Anglican chant and highway code.

Albion Land said...

Try this: It's the same group singing, but has a slideshow with it:

Albion Land said...

Then there is the latest version of the Apostle's Creed, a la Church of England, sort of: