Sunday, September 14, 2008

Glory to God in All Things

I am happy to report that the mission of St John the Evangelist of the Anglican Catholic Church in Nicosia, Cyprus held its first public services on Sunday, and for that I give glory to God.

I was joined by one person at Morning Prayer and by another person at Evening Prayer. The two of us at each service, joined by the whole company of Heaven, made a wonderful assemblage. With God's help, next week I shall be joined by at least two members of the Church Militant, if not more.

Συγα, συγα as we say in Greek. Slowly, slowly.

Please pray for us.


Fr. John said...

Glory be to God and congratulations for establishing this mission.

What you are doing is so important and vital to the salvation of souls. God's blessings on you for undertaking this mission. This is what is needed and what must be done. God has called you into this and will bless you in this work.

We will pray for you and the mission.

Canon Tallis said...

Albion, you and the mission are both on my permanent prayer list. I realise that it is getting a little crowded, but I am more than sure that God can handle it especially as you are part of my permanent intentions when I celebrate the eucharist.

Fr. John said...

You are a Hospitaller.