Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anglican Church facing foreclosure

The video is self-explanatory; however, the $6,500.00 per month figure is the total overdue figure that has caused the Talbot Bank to begin foreclosure against our church. We have been unable to meet the mortgage since early this year.

St. Andrew's Anglican Church
215 Goldsborough Street
Easton, MD. 21601


Anonymous said...

Hey, Albion, why don't you set up a PayPal account? You could nominate a cause of the month, or of the moment, or for the time being, and we could donate.

Albion Land said...

That is a great idea, Sandra.

I could use a new cassock (I've outgrown my old one), but I would imagine saving St Andrew's is a slightly more important venture at this point.

Fr Hart, would you please look into this and handle it?

Anonymous said...

And could we have an address for maikling in checks?

poetreader said...

Unless Fr. Hart provides a more appropriate address, this, copied from the website, should do. I thought It best to post this immediately.


St. Andrew's Anglican Church
215 Goldsbough St.
Easton MD. 21601

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Thank you Ed.

This is my church, where I serve as a priest; and I assume we are not alone in facing such troubles. "Cause of the month" is a great idea.

Someone tried to comment to the effect that my bishop ia "an infamous vagante." What a lie! I rejected that comment, and suggest that it never be attempted again.

Anonymous said...

I was serious about PayPal. It makes foreign currency conversion a lot quicker and cheaper. (Doesn't help with the exchange rate, but one just has to live with that.)

Albion Land said...

So was I, Sandra. I will leave it with Fr Hart to investigate.

Right now I am wondering whether I will still have a company pension tomorrow: Our provider is AIG.

Fr William Bauer said...

Fr Hart:
Satan hates you.
You must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Count me in for a paypal donation if that gets up and running! (Just let me have the details) Sorry to read this news about your Parish Father Hart - you are all in my prayers and those of my congregation.
Father Damien Mead

Michael said...

Please do keep us informed about that. I regret that there's nothing I can do financially, but I will try to remember to pray.