Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas and Epiphany Homilies

Layreaders' homilies are ready for Christmas and the Sunday after and for Epiphany and the Sunday after, and are posted with the Advent homilies already there at

These are PDF booklets intended for use when a layreader conducts Sunday MP or EP in the absence of a priest. They now have the approval of at least one bishop, as shown in the following letter:

Bishop D. Presley Hutchens, Ordinary of the ACC's Diocese of New Orleans, has recommended Mr. Pacht's homilies to the lay readers and clergy of his Diocese, writing "I am sending this to the layreaders ... for your use. I approve them and believe they will be a great resource
for the year."

This is an extraordinary effort, to meet a real and serious pastoral need, and Mr. Pacht is to be commended for having undertaken to supply it.

John A. Hollister+

----------------------ed pacht

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