Friday, October 12, 2007

One Awesome Dude

Feliz cumpleaños to Albion Winslow Land, junior, better known as Winz, who turns 15 today.

There is an amusing story connected with the occasion of his birth in Madrid on October 13, 1992: It was Tuesday, Tuesday the 13th.

So what, you say. At least it wasn't Friday the 13th.

Well, it was, sort of. In Spain, you see, those of a superstitious bent are worried about Tuesdays that fall on the 13th, not Fridays.

As it was, Winslow's mum was getting close to being very overdue. We had an appointment with her doctor the previous Friday, and he said it still wasn't quite time. We'd give it the weekend, and then induce labour if he hadn't been born already.

Problem was Monday was a national holiday -- the feast of Spain's patroness, La Virgen del Pilar. So Tuesday was the first opportunity to coax him out.

Naturally, the doctor asked if either of us were superstitious. Our immediate reply, almost in unison, was "no, just do it!"

I doubt there's much danger that Winz will read this, but if he does, I'm in trouble. But since I'm a gambler, I'll add something that will make it even worse if he does.

Okay. So we weren't superstitious. And he was born. And he was healthy. And everything was where it should be and was working.

And he was butt-ugly!

But as you can see, Tuesday the 13th turned out not to be bad luck after all.

He's one fine lookin' boy. And everything is still where it should be.

Happy Birthday, bubba,



Alice C. Linsley said...

Feliz cumpleanos a tu hijo guapo!

Anonymous said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
From your Swiss cousins
P.S. you have your father's eyes!!!