Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ACC Synod - News Bulletin

The following just in from our much appreciated correspondent, Canon John Hollister:

Wednesday, October 10.

Yesterday, the College of Bishops of the Original Province of the ACC (which acts ex officio for the entire jurisdiction until three separate and equal Provinces have been established) received into that Church and Province the Diocese of Aweil, Sudan.

This Diocese includes five counties in the southern Sudan, one Bishop Ordinary (formerly of the Lambeth Communion), eighty-five clergy, 150 parishes, and approximately 15,000 people.

This accession increases the Original Province's clergy by half, nearly doubles its number of parishes, and quadruples its membership.

The Synod has received reports of other new work in Africa, including in Kenya and Rwanda. Thus with a new Diocese in the North of that continent, an existing Diocese in the South (in the Republic of South Africa) and work beginning in the middle, there is a real prospect within the near future of a Province of Africa.

And, today, the unseasonable heat wave of the past two weeks broke and Cleveland returned to its typical October weather, at 59 degrees, overcast skies, and intermittent drizzles.

God is good.


Michael said...

Wow. That's quite a movement. I'm somewhat surprised, because the Province of Sudan itself is quite orthodox, so I wasn't expecting a diocese to split from it, but rather the province to make moves towards formal intercommunion with continuing churches. Perhaps this is a sign of a wider movement. Continuing churches have had good relations with Christians in Sudan for a number of years. Some TAC clergy have been there also.

So, people are moving to the continuum. All we need now is for the continuum to come together in unity, and we could probably bring in dioceses like this one more easily.

Anonymous said...

Fahrenheit, I trust . . .

Anonymous said...

What about Bp. Iverach? I saw in the yahoo group that he was received by the ACC. Why no specific mention of him in the news release? Also, what is his role in the ACC?

BigTex AC

Anonymous said...

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