Sunday, August 27, 2006

ECUSA's troubles

COLUMBUS, OH: No female Presiding Bishop for Fort Worth DioceseBy Peter Toon Virtueonline correspondent 6/19/2006

There have been appeals over the centuries to the Archbishop of Canterbury for help for a variety of reasons but none has previously asked for "alternative Primatial oversight." This is what the Diocese of Fort Worth has requested in Letters sent to London, England, from Columbus, Ohio, on Monday June 19, 2006.

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Albion Land said...


Your post is a bit dated, as it is now SEVEN dioceses that have sought alternative Primatial oversight: Fort Worth, Dallas, San Joaquin (based in Fresno, California), Pittsburgh, Springfield (Illinois), South Carolina and Central Florida.

Their requests have been consolidated into a single 14-page document, which was sent to the Archbishop Williams on July 20.

The archbishop has asked two Episcopal Church bishops to convene a small group of fellow bishops in New York in the first half of September "to discuss some of the difficult issues facing the Church and to explore possible resolutions."

That will be a meeting to watch.

Warwickensis said...

This could be interesting.

Athough this is unlikely to happen, a Third Province of the Church of England would be just the ticket here, encapsulating these seven dioceses as well as the orthodox members of the Church of England.

I pray this would happen since it would give a very clear signal to the Continuum and the Network, and others for developing a stronger relationship.

However, I'm just whistling in the dark again, aren't I?

Fancy joining me in a chorus of "strangers in the night?"