Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Is the ACN Finally Taking the Plunge?

Here is the statement presented at a news conference by Bishop Duncan ofPittsburgh on behalf of ACN bishops.

TO THE FAITHFUL IN CHRIST JESUS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD: We, the undersigned, Bishops of the Episcopal Church make the following statement:

In the wake of the action by this House granting consent to the consecration of Canon V. Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, many of us in this House made an appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates of the Anglican Communion "to intervene in the pastoral emergency that has overtaken us." That appeal was heard and the Archbishop called for an extraordinary meeting of the Primates on 15-16 October, 2003. The Primates spoke forthrightly and unanimously about the consequences that would ensue across the Communion in the event that the consecration went forward, warning that it would "tear the fabric of our Communion at its deepest level." They also called for the formation, under a mandate given by theArchbishop, of the Lambeth Commission on Communion. This General Conventionhas now given its response to the recommendations of the work of thatCommission, known as the Windsor Report.

Now, once again, we find the need to speak candidly. The responses which the Convention has given to the clear and simple requests of the LambethCommission, the clear and simple requests indeed of the Anglican Communion, are clearly and simply inadequate. We reaffirm our conviction that the Windsor Report provides the way forward for the entire Anglican Communion, the ecumenical relationships of the Communion, and the common life of a faithful Episcopal Church. Further, we have agreed to submit ourselves to the Windsor Report's requirements, both in what it teaches and in the discipline it enjoins. We have not changed in our commitment.

Sadly, because of statements made by members of this House at this Convention, we must question whether this General Convention is misleading the rest of the Communion by giving a false perception that they intend actually to comply with the recommendations of the Windsor Report. We therefore disassociate ourselves from those acts of this Convention that do not fully comply with the Windsor Report.

It is our intention not only to point to the inadequacies of the General Convention's responses, but to declare to our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the Communion that we continue as The Episcopal Church in this country who uphold and propagate the historic faith and order we have come to know through the Anglican heritage of apostolic teaching and biblical faith; who desire to be fully a constituent member of the Anglican Communion; and who are ready to embrace and live under the Windsor Report without equivocation. Accordingly, we repudiate the actions of the General Convention of 2003 which have breached the bonds of affection within the Communion. We bishops have committed to withhold consents for any persons living in same gender relationships who may be put forward for consecrationas a bishop of the Church. And we have refused to grant authority for the blessing of sexual relationships outside Christian Marriage in our jurisdictions. We intend to go forward in the Communion confidently and unreservedly.

Our chief concern now is to fulfill our charge as bishops of the Church ofGod in the Anglican tradition to "guard the faith, unity and discipline" of the Church. Pastoral care and apostolic teaching must not only be given to our own dioceses, but to all the faithful in this country who seek apostolic oversight and support. We will take counsel together to fulfill our service on behalf of faithful Anglicans in this country, both clergy and laity, and to proclaim the Gospel and build up the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we seek the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates andBishops of the Anglican Communion as we do so.

Signed . . . Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Anonymous said...

In one way yes they are but in a significantly different way than the Continuum. If for no other reason than this is a movement which is lower in "churchmanship" than the previous.


Fr. Bill said...


The ACN has consistently insisted that they are the Church, they aren't going anywhere, blah blah blah. Their track record shows that they may be depended on to follow through with this policy. "Taking a plunge" -- however you construe such an idea -- is Never Gonna Happen.

The one exception (in principle) is +Iker's appeal for "alternative primatial oversight." It sounds good (ACN stuff always does), but it will go no where. ++Cantuar has no ecclesial authority to appoint "primatial" oversight for anyone, and it's not about to claim such for itself in this climate.

So, again, +Iker's words and his diocese's actions are so much eyewash.

Nor will the Southern Primates do a thing. They head churches whose members are killed, robbed, and maimed for the sake of Christ. What must their opinion be of those in North America who stay in bed with apostates in order to retain their pretty windows and upholstered pews?

As with WO, the conservatives (I won't call them orthodox any longer, because ... well, they're not, right?) will do as always -- wring their hands, issue communiques, and mutter worryingly to one another.

The true irony here, more than likely engineered by our Lord to reenforce a point the conservatives in ECUSA have tried to ignore for several generations now, is that they'll get their heads handed to them on a platter by a female primate.

poetreader said...

Well, for one thing there is the easy acceptation of female clergy. For another there is the total acceptance of the Windsor Report, which is (I guess) better than nothing, but yet far too great an accomodation with those who don't care about the historic Faith, who would, in fact, prefer to eliminate it. ECUSA has been geting sicker and sicker for decades, then, with Robinson, it shot itself in one foot -- and now with a presiding pseudobishop, it has shot off the other foot. The only thing left is to fall in a heap. The ACN has bought in to too much of the liberal agenda, and will be dragged down with ECUSA, unless it makes dramatic changes within itself. Does anyone think it will?