Friday, June 30, 2006


In just three hours I'll be heading to the airport for my flight to Madrid, via Vienna.

On Monday, I'll drive down to Albondón, in the province of Granada, to have a first look at my newly renovated house. For the next three weeks I´ll be getting to know it and my new village and environs. My children will join me for a week from mid-July, then we´ll all head back to Madrid.

I´ll return home at the end of July, while the children will travel up to the north of Spain to spend August with their Spanish grandparents, as well as assorted aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.

I´ll be checking in here every few days, but will try to remain quiet. As we have apparently still not mastered the blog´s software, the comment function will not work. However, anyone wishing to make a comment may send it to co-host Ed Pacht, the Poetreader, and he will post it on your behalf.

I wish you all a wonderful month of July, whether you are working or holidaying.

God´s blessings on you all.

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