Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pope Facing Resistance from Within?

Earlier this week, I ran a spoof on certain liberals thinking that perhaps Benedict XVI is, well, a bit too Catholic for modern tastes. The following is no spoof.

The first words of Benedict XVI’s first encyclical letter, almost the motto of his papacy, are Deus Caritas Est (God is love). But not everyone in the upper levels of the Church is full of love and solidarity for this new pope.

Resistance to his guidance is tenacious and widespread, and in some places it is on the rise. And almost all the resistance shields itself behind the protection of anonymity.

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poetreader said...

There are tensions within the RC Church that are at least as destructive as those within Anglicanism. There is a divisiveness manifest everywhere one looks that seems at least as explosive as that of the Reformation. The elitism and revisionism of the Neocatechumenal people makes me smell brimstone. It scares me. The outright and deliberate disrespect shown by many, of various viewpoints, toward their chief bishop in refusing to call him by his appropriate name is, quite simply, a denial of the Church of which they are part. HH Benedict seems to me the last hope for the continued existence of the RC Church in any recognizable fashion, but what he will govern is, in all likelihood going to be as much a 'remnant church' as is our own Continuum. It is indeed time to draw together in a common front.


Warwickensis said...

You're right, Ed.Isn't there some chines curse that hopes "that you live in interesting times"?

We are certainly in those interesting times, where the pride of individuals in their own knowledge seeks to divert them away from what is wholesome and true.

Our historians seek to "redefine" the past, Science seeks its own status as the definitive religion, our Culture defines sin as something that other people do, and this isn't all the failure of the Church to proclaim Her Message.

I can't see how the Church can survive in a regime where the truth is what we want to hear. Perhaps the Church is ready to be lifted into Eternity (and in the eyes of the World seem to die out).
Is the end fast approaching? Maranatha!

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