Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I couldn't pass this up. I came across it purely by coincidence the other night, and it said so much to me. I know I promised not to get bogged down in me, but this poem, by Julia A. Baker, is so beautiful that it has to be shared.

Go thou thy way, and I go mine,
Apart, yet not afar;
Only a thin veil hangs between
The pathways where we are.
And "God keep watch ‘tween thee and me"’
This is my prayer:
He looks thy way, He looketh mine,
And keeps us near.
I know not where thy road may lie,
Or which way mine will be;
If mine will lead thro’ parching sands
And thine beside the sea;
Yet God keeps watch ‘tween thee and me,
So never fear;
He holds thy hands, He claspeth mine,"
And keeps us near.
Should wealth and fame perchance be thine,
And my lot lowly be,
Or you be sad and sorrowful,
And glory be for me,
Yet God keep watch ‘tween thee and me;
Both be His care;
One arm round thee and one round me
Will keep us near.
I sigh sometimes to see thy face,
But since this may not be,
I’ll leave thee to the care of Him
Who cares for thee and me.
"I’ll keep you both beneath my wings,"
This comforts, dear; One wing o’er thee
And one o’er me,
Will keep us near.
And though our paths be separate,
And thy way is not mine,
Yet coming to the Mercy seat,
My soul will meet with thine.
And "God keep watch ‘tween thee and me,"
I’ll whisper there.
He blesseth thee, He blesseth me,
And we are near.

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Anonymous said...

Mizpah is my very favorite poem. I had it read at my Mother's and Father's service. It says so much-and no matter how old one is, you miss your parents.....