Friday, March 15, 2013

About the New Pope and the Ordinariate

The Anglican Communion Archbishop of the Southern Cone, in  Buenos Aries, Archbishop Gregory Venables, knows Pope Francis personally, and has this to say:

From Greg Venables: "Many are asking me what Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) is really like. He is much more of a Christian, Christ centered and Spirit filled, than a mere churchman. He believes the Bible as it is written. I have been with him on many occasions and he always makes me sit next to him and invariably makes me take part and often do what he as Cardinal should have done. He is consistently humble and wise, outstandingly gifted yet a common man. He is no fool and speaks out very quietly yet clearly when necessary. He called me to have breakfast with him one morning and told me very clearly that the Ordinariate was quite unnecessary and that the Church needs us as Anglicans. I consider this to be an inspired appointment not because he is a close and personal friend but because of who he is In Christ. Pray for him."

This is very interesting news indeed. We agree that the Ordinariate is quite unnecessary, and that the Church needs us as Anglicans.


Abu Daoud said...

People are making too much of this remark IMHO. I doubt he very much understood the precise nature of the ordinariates in country likes Argentina which hardly has Anglicans at all. Speaking for Argentina, he is entirely correct, there is no need for an ordinariate, which is also true here in the Middle East where I am.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to learn that Pope Francis believes the Bible as it was written, which I understand to mean that he doesn't buy hook, line and sinker higher critical theories. This is no small matter when one considers that he is a Jesuit.

Anonymous said...

This is exciting news: For the first time since the Great Schism, the Orthodox will attend the inaugural mass of Pope Francis.

G.S. Smith

Anonymous said...

Well said Fr Hart. Well said.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of making too much...

Who does Archbishop Gregory think Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) meant by "us"?

For example,

'Gafcon' Anglicans?

'Non-W.O.'(Gafcon) Anglicans?

Any 'self-describing' Anglicans?

It is interesting to compare Bishop Geoffrey Rowell's recent remarks about meetings with Pope Benedict including those about his "first being a long meeting with him when, as Cardinal Ratzinger, he was Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith. I treasure a comment from our discussion, when I explained that, in the Diocese in Europe, we were not a proselytising church, but we found ourselves ministering to those from different Christian traditions who found themselves drawn to Anglican worship and life. ‘You cannot believe yourself to be a church’, he said, ‘unless you believe in mission: in Europe today no one of us can do it alone.’"

What, if any, implications might there be from such Cardinalatial/Papal perspectives with regard to, say, "Apostolicae curae" or the glossing of 'Lumen gentium' 15 with respect to those who "recognize and accept other sacraments within their own Churches [...]. Many of them rejoice in the episcopate, celebrate the Holy Eucharist and cultivate devotion toward the Virgin Mother of God"?