Friday, August 19, 2011


Fr. Wells has returned from France, but with a broken arm, which slows down his typing and makes it quite a chore. Nonetheless, we do plan to continue with our series on the Articles, picking up at Art. XIII. 

You may have noticed that Fr. Charles Nalls withdrew from active participation as a blogger a few weeks ago. This was perfectly cordial and we remain friends. The simple fact is this has become one thing more than he has time to do well. The door is open, at any time, for his return.

The Continuum blog, we remind you, is not an official ACC blog or an official UECNA blog (for that Archbishop Robinson and the UECNA have their own website; and of course so does the ACC). Neither are we of a mind to limit our lineup to these two jurisdictions. Contributors have come and gone over the years, including our founder Albion Land, making Fr. Kirby and me the only two to have been here from the beginning. Although I have written the most for this blog, it is not my blog. The purpose is to serve all the churches that adhere to the Affirmation of St. Louis and to promote unity among them, as well as to inform and educate. Opinions on all matters are not uniform among us. Each of us writes from his own perspective, and so a degree of academic debate has, at times, been more than evident. 

As is evident from the lengthy paper below, we accept submissions from others who write and send them to any of the Continuum bloggers for consideration. Furthermore, a good piece of writing can have debatable points, which may be matters worthy of polite and informative discussion (within the bounds of orthodoxy). After all, sometimes we learn the most from people with whom we air a disagreement in the spirit of charity. As Saint Augustine wisely put it (or, at least it is attributed to him - certainly in accord with Romans chapter 14):

In necessariis unitas, In dubiis libertas, In omnibus autem caritas.
"In essentials unity, In doubtful things liberty, But in all things charity."


Anonymous said...

welshmann said...

Other than a busted wing, I hope Fr. Wells had a good time in France, and I hope he has a quick recovery.


Canon Tallis said...

I regret the loss of Father N., and am extremely distressed by Father Wells/ broken arm. If I had my way I would have all of you wrapped in cotton wool as more than national treasures.

Sort of distressed that you actually had to state that it was not an ACC or other Blog. I think the behavior of all of you have made this extremely clear. So please continue.

G. S. Southerly said...

Fr. Well,
So sorry to hear about your broken arm. Take care, lots of milk, yoghurt, calcium and Vit. D3 was recommended by my doctor when I had a broken bone. D3 does something regular Vit D does not, it seems.
Thank you for all your words of life and understanding. May the Lord send forth His pleasant words of healing, life and blessing to you for they are 'sweet to the soul and health to your bones!' (Psalm 107:20 and Proverbs 16:24)