Thursday, January 27, 2011


This was originally published almost two years ago, for Lent and Eastertide 2009, and you can see the whole issue here. The appeal goes hand in hand with the post that follows directly.

The Missionaries of St. Paul the Apostle

The Evangelist

Published by the Mission Society of the Anglican Catholic Church

The Most Rev. Mark Haverland Metropolitan & Bishop-in-Charge of the Mission Society

The Venerable Donald F. Lerow

Executive Secretary

Mission Society: “The Society shall encourage the witness, Faith and practice of the Anglican Catholic Church and shall, on behalf of all Provinces of this Church, provide funding, personnel, and other forms of support for domestic and international missions; for the amelioration, relief, and assistance of persons and communities distressed by natural or man-made events or disasters or by adverse social or political situations; for religious, educational, and medical eleemosynary endeavors; and for works of religion.” [ACC] OP Canon 3.

This is a tall order to say the least. But, the Society is busy working on your behalf to bring order and energy to support the life and growth of the Anglican Catholic Church. Reality teaches us that it takes more than a few committed clergy and laity to bring to fruition the dreams of those Christians living in lands not so rich. Without your financial support, prayers, gifts and offerings it would not be possible.

In spite of the hard financial times the world is struggling with, giving to those not so fortunate is an absolute necessity. Those without suffer greatly. This must not happen: but, alas, it can happen if we don’t act. Let us all pledge this year to give when the giving is hard, pray when the praying is tough and volunteer when there seems to be so little time.

In Christ,

Fr. Donald F. Lerow

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Anonymous said...

As an outsider, this impresses me. The ACC seems to be the real McCoy.