Wednesday, September 08, 2010


One of our bloggers, Bishop Peter Robinson (pictured on the right, the last one pictured, just like a procession), has been elevated to the office of Archbishop of the United Episcopal Church North America (UECNA).

Congratulations your Grace. Our prayers are with you for this new responsibility.


charles said...

Looks like Lord Peter chose 'archbishop'.

Fr. Robert Hart said...


Yes, in keeping with the UECNA tradition. So noted and updated. Where the text said Presiding Bishop, it now says Archbishop.

charles said...

The 'Archbishop' title is much closer to the English who had a more centralized government in church while 'Presiding Bishop' is very American, predicated upon a federal manner of government, and adopted, by men like White and Smith, for reasons of 'local circumstance', namely for its conformity to American culture and political sensibilities. Maybe in this day and age we need more Arch- than presiding bishops, strong vs. weak, etc., given the enormities of our crisis in faith and order?